Thursday, November 18, 2010

Comment on The Pope is Darth Vader

I made a brief comment siding with the author of  this post, Eric Sammons.
The New York Times has repeatedly made out the Catholic Church to be the Intergalactic Empire...

My comment:

I probably should finish reading the article before I post a comment, but I really couldn’t help but laughing at the second comment you made on the grassroots movement. I mean, on that note, Catholicism could never really embody a “true” grassroots movement. Anything less than a legitimate mass is like you said, Unitarian or any other form of Protestantism.
As to the comment on resisting like Ghandi, I find that Rachel Donadio’s article ended on the scene of a “young girl watched the flame flicker in memory of the 475 Belgian victims of sexual abuse.” I think what Donadio was trying to attempt was make an analogy to Ghandi’s passivity. However, using hindsight we are able to see that his passive aggressive style, like the young girl’s in the article, still contradicts their opposition, in this case the Catholic Church.

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